Mary Meade is an exceptional piano instructor with a passion and excitement for music that is truly infectious. My daughter, Grace, grew tremendously as a pianist during their time together. Not only does Mary have the talent, knowledge and experience to be a phenomenal teacher, she also pours her heart into each student making them feel they are the most important student she has…which is quite a gift. – Vanessa Murphy

Mary Meade Piano Recital

Fall Piano and Flute Recital for Students and Families

As a new student, Mary put me at ease the moment I met her and through our piano lessons she instilled in me a confidence in my own abilities. Mary’s patience, kindness and encouragement helped me learn the fundamentals of piano at my own pace. – Heather Rohnert

Mary was my 10 year-old son’s piano instructor and our first private music lesson experience and we couldn’t have asked for a better lady! Not only did my son learn quickly but he always looked forward to and enjoyed his lessons with her. Mary is a beautiful person inside and out and we feel blessed to have her in our lives. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!!” – Megan McNaught

Having Mary Meade be a part of our daughter’s burgeoning love of music has been a wonderful experience. Mary’s humor, gentleness, patience, and passion for what she does are just a few of the qualities that make her such an outstanding teacher. – Jennifer Colombattolute

Thank you Mary for teaching our children both flute lessons and piano. Your endless encouragement and belief that they were able to go further helped each of them to do their best. We appreciated your ability to meet each child at their skill level and introduce a variety of styles of music. No matter what their interest you were able to find just the piece to catch their heart to fall in love with it! – The Batten Family

In the years that our daughters have been taking piano lessons, Mary has by far been the best piano teacher that they’ve had. She is extremely encouraging, nurturing, and always positive. We also greatly appreciate her sensitivity to the different strengths and challenges that each of our girls have. – The Getchell Family

Mary Meade is, hands down, the best piano teacher our daughter has ever had. Mary is not only an excellent teacher, she is very good at drawing out the artist in my child. It is clear that she loves what she does. My daughter really started loving the piano because of Mary Meade. – Liz Britain

Mary, you have been such a God given blessing to Kathleen and our family. You are such a talented piano instructor and yet so much more. Kathleen came to you with no previous training and within a year had mastered Beethoven’s “Fur Elise”! That just shows your technical ability in teaching piano. The “so much more” comes out in the amazing connection you made with Kathleen on a personal level. We got so much more then just a very talented technical instructor! You are such a genuine, loving, and dedicated teacher. You were willing to work with us and Kathleen’s sometimes complicated schedule. That flexibility kept her playing and improving at a consistent pace.Thanks for being that incredible talented technical teacher that is also so personable and makes learning piano a true joy! – Sheri Zwaanstra

My son Paxon was 6 years old when Mary Meade began teaching him how to play the piano. Mary’s warm personality, understanding of how to relate and instruct children at their developmental level along with her talent for making the lessons fun, exciting, but also educational helped my son not only learn to play the piano, but to appreciate the beauty of music in a positive and constructive manner. Paxon adores Mary Meade and she will be someone he will remember forever. – Patricia Weires

My family and I would highly recommend Mary Meade as a piano teacher. She connected immediately with our son. He couldn’t wait until his next lesson with Mary. He has learned so much and come so far in his piano playing. Thank you Mary for all that you have done. – Michael & Michele Wigley

Mary helped me develop skills I never thought I could accomplish. She took me step-by-step through the basics and made sure I understood what I was doing before we moved on. It doesn’t matter what age you are, or if you’ve had experience, or if you are learning for the first time, Mary will teach you in a way that makes you reach your full potential. What really makes Mary such a great teacher is her passion for music and wanting to share that with others. She’s so encouraging. – Jessa (Portland area high school student)

Mary has been so encouraging and enthusiastic as I return to the piano after more than 20 years. When I first contacted Mary, she was so excited to have more adult students. She took the time to assess my abilities and developed a learning plan for an adult learner. It has been a joy to take piano lessons with Mary. – RoseMarie Olney

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